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What are the benefits of slate and tile roofing?

Slate and tile roofing is a reliable, low-maintenance and cost effective option available to homeowners and commercial building managers. Every member of the roofing team at Allweather is fully trained in slating and tiling, and all pitched roofing works are compliant with the BS5534 slating & tiling regulations.

A popular choice for a reason – slate and tile roofs are an environmentally friendly way to protect your property from all weather conditions. Slate and tile roof specialists from Allweather are available to help you find a long-lasting, protective, attractive roof for your home or commercial building. Call us today on 01273 388088 to find out more from one of our expert staff.

Reliable and low maintenance roofs

A professionally installed tile roof can last dozens of years, up to 3 times the normal lifespan of a regular roof; and slate roofs generally last well over 100 years. It’s a great long-term investment since it requires little to no maintenance. Not only does it save you money in maintenance and replacement, it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business property is properly protected from all manner of weather conditions.

Great looking tiled roofs

A range of long-lasting hard-wearing styles of roof tiles and shingles are available for you to choose from. Made from either clay or concrete, durable roof tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Slate, a traditional material that’s been used in construction and roofing since the middle ages is available in natural, zinc or artificial varieties. Slate tiles are generally grey, but can be purchased in a number of different shades and textures to suit any taste.

Since slate and tiles are both durable, long-lasting materials; a professionally installed slate or tile roof will stay looking good throughout its lifespan.

Protective roofs

Slate and tile are strong and durable materials, providing excellent protection from the elements, no matter the weather. An accredited slate and tile roofing company, such as Allweather can build a roof that keeps your property comfortable and safe.

Using the most trusted slate and tile suppliers; with qualified, expert team members, Allweather can provide work on any slate and tiling job – from basic roof repairs to large scale slate or tile replacements.

Reliable service from a trusted company

Allweather have been providing slating and tiling services since its founding more than 30 years ago, and every member of our roofing team is fully trained, with all of our slate and tile roof work provided in accordance with the BS 5534 code of practice. From general roof repairs to a complete strip and replacement, we’ll provide a trusted and reliable service.

Based beside the M23, West Sussex, Allweather can provide slate and tile roofing services anywhere in London and South East England. Contact a member of our team to get a no-obligation quote for installation of a slate or tile roof from one of our specialists.