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Roofing Services

Why might a flat roof be the best choice for me?

Flat roofing is an affordable and adaptable option for garages, homes, and commercial buildings. We have been working in flat roof construction for more than 30 years. Offering guarantees of up to 25 years on our Sika Liquid Plastics approved work, the expert team from Allweather are a great choice when looking for professionals to install your new flat roof or to make repairs to your flat roof. Call us today on 01273 388088 to find out more from one of our expert staff.

Versatile roof options

A flat roof installed by one of our flat roofing specialists can be used for any number of applications: you could install a roof top garden, solar panels, roof lanterns or skylights. A real benefit of flat roofing is the variety of options it provides you with, which may be why quality, guaranteed flat roofs are so popular with homeowners building extensions.

A practical roofing choice

In addition to being a relatively inexpensive option, flat roofs are more accessible than sloping roofs. This makes routine tasks such as clearing out a gutter a lot easier. If you need to access the top of your roof for any reason, it’s a lot easier and safer for people who have a flat roof.

Flat roofs with long life guarantees

As Quality Assured contractors for Sika Liquid Plastics, we’re able to provide long life guarantees for our flat roof work. Allweather offer 15, 20 and 25 year guarantees on flat roofs. We use Liquid Plastics from Sika to waterproof our flat roofs. They’ve been manufacturing long-lasting, quality roof protection for over 50 years, and we use their high performance waterproofing products to ensure that you have peace of mind and long term protection from the British weather.

Quality assured service from experienced roofers

With more than 30 years of experience building, repairing and replacing flat roofs around London and the South East; and with a quality assurance guarantee, Allweather are the natural choice for your flat roofing contractor. Find out more about the services we offer by calling 01273 388088 and speaking with a member of our team.