Asbestos testing

Asbestos testing sussex

Allweather Asbestos Air monitoring is undertaken by an independent laboratory so you can be sure that the results are accurate and completely impartial. Each laboratory used is UKAS accredited to carry out the tests.

Asbestos sampling & analysis

Sampling and analysis of materials for the presence of asbestos is normally undertaken to comply with CAWR 2012. This may be as part of the duty to manage asbestos under regulation 4, or to comply with regulation 5. Regulation 5 requires employers of the people who are going to work with asbestos to identify the asbestos type(s) by analysis or to assume the material contains the most hazardous type(s) of asbestos (i.e. crocidolite and/or amosite).

The purpose of the sampling is to collect representative samples of the suspect materials. The purpose of the analysis is to determine whether asbestos is present and, if so, the type(s).