Asbestos Consultants

asbestos consultants

Asbestos regulations are in place to protect residents, employees, contractors and visitors from the dangers of asbestos in the workplace.

Allweather Asbestos Services offer specialist advice and services for all asbestos-related problems to both the public and private sectors. Let our Asbestos consultants carry out asbestos audits, inspections and asbestos testing services for you, so you can get on with running your business.

Asbestos risk assessments

Not all Asbestos needs to be removed. We can produce comprehensive Management Plans plus offer ongoing support which may involve periodically returning to your site to confirm the condition of the Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) identified in the Asbestos Register. At this time, we would update your risk assessment and, if necessary, re-evaluate the ACM and discuss your options with you.

If Asbestos removal is required, we will determine if the Health and Safety Executive need to be notified and then arrange for your asbestos to be safely and legally removed. Not all Asbestos is notifiable and, if this is the case, we simply arrange a start date agreeable to all parties. ACMs that are in good condition may be safer left as they are and we may only recommend removal if they are breaking down and causing a hazard.

We can also carry out on-site project management for Asbestos removal if a licensed contractor is not required or if management is required for a sub-contractor already on-site.